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MIYO-Deals is a student training company and is a part of the minor YTP@Work at NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda. During this minor, a group of the students are growing into the role of young tourism professionals. Several students are responsible for MIYO-Deals and will keep an eye out for the best student deals!

Naomi Veer

Student International Tourism Management Consultancy. I love traveling, I always try to go abroad during my holidays. During my internship I discovered my love of South America. However, my dream destination is Australia. The travel deals at MIYO-Deals interest me most.

Marthe van Erven

I am a 4th-year Tourism student specialized in Travel Trade Management. During my leisure time, I prefer to go out for dinner, go shopping and travel of course. In the future, I would like to go to South America to discover the Spanish language and explore the different cultures! Out of all the deals, I am most interested in the food deals since my motto is ‘Food Is Life’!

Cynthia Heijmans

Tourism student specialized in Tour Operating and part of the YTP@Work team. I am 21 years old and my favorite holiday destination is Italy. What I love about Italy is the great weather and the beautiful cities. On my travel wishlist is a round trip through the United States of America! At MIYO-Deals I am most interested in the travel and goodies deals! 

Sharon Pijl

Tourism student specialized in Tour Operating and part of the YTP@Work team. I am 23 years old and my favorite holiday destinations are the USA and Canada. My dream is to make a road trip through these countries. I really like the travel and goodies deals at MIYO-Deals.

Caitlin Eindhoven

4th-year student Tourism Management and part of the YTP@Work team. I’d rather not talk about my age, as I am the oldest of the team. Southern Europe is my favorite holiday region and making a backpack trip is on my bucket list! At MIYO-Deals I am most interested in travel and Breda deals as well as the goodies and must-haves.

Elke Janssen

4th-year Tourism student specialized in Travel Trade. During my minor, I am working at the student training company YTP@Work. I am 24 years old and my ultimate travel destination is South America. It would be amazing to travel or live in one of the countries that this continent has to offer. At MIYO-Deals I am most interested in the categories travel and beauty. I am excited to work for MIYO-Deals and to offer you the best deals!

Emma Teunissen

Student International Tourism Travel Industry. During my internship I fell in love with South America, therefore my favorite travel destination is Peru! I am keeping an eye out for the goodies deals. Recently, I scored an awesome set of makeup brushes!

Maurice de Bruin

The only male student in the YTP@Work team and 4th-year Tourism student specialized in Tour Operating. In my spare time I play several musical instruments, I like to go out for dinner and love a good pint of beer. The languages I speak are German, English, and a little bit of French, Spanish, and Chinese. However, I am at my best when I speak my regional dialect. After I graduate I really want to go to Australia. The Deals I am looking for at MIYO-Deals are all about food and goodies.

Vivian Bouwmans

My name is Vivian Bouwmans, 4th-year International Tourism Management Consultancy student. I do not have a favourite holiday destination because I think that every country is unique in its own way. However, I would really love to make a road trip through Africa, because I have never been to this continent before. The deals I am looking for at MIYO-Deals are food, activities, and gadgets.

Fabiën van Deijne

4th-year student Tourism Management. I am 21 years old, so probably the youngest in the team. In my spare time, I like to drink beer and be my crazy self. Aruba is the destination where I picked up my crazy lifestyle. I’m looking for makeup and food deals, especially sushi deals!

Ruby Hendriks

4th-year Tourism student specialized as Travel Trade Manager. I like good food, spending time with my friends and traveling. Learning foreign languages is something I’m really interested in. Therefore learning Italian is on my bucket list. I fell in love with Australia during my road trip, so this is my favorite destination. The deals I am looking for at MIYO-Deals are mostly city trips and food.

Nicole Disseldorp

I am currently working at the Academy for Tourism, teaching tour operating and communication. I am also the coordinator of YTP@Work of which MIYO-Deals is a part. The deals I am focusing on are activities, food, and wellness. Also, the gadgets are very interesting because quite often they are very useful but I’ve never heard of them before. The price makes the deals very tempting to buy, but a good deal gives a good feeling, so why not? I hope you find something nice at MIYO-Deals that will give you a good feeling as well.

Maike van Breda

Supervisor at YTP@Work. In my spare time, I like to walk my dog with my family in the woods, I like to cook with friends and go to the movies. I love traveling, but I also enjoy the beautiful spots in The Netherlands and Belgium. The MIYO-Deals I usually buy are deals in Breda, activities, and food. I already discovered a few nice lunch spots!

Francis Neijenhof

Teacher concept- and product development and marketing communication. I really love traveling, and when I am not on holiday I enjoy going to museums and playing tennis. I love to cook and to enjoy good food. I think the gadgets are the most interesting category at MIYO-Deals.

Gerard Gielen

With ten years of marketing experience in the accommodation sector (Center Parcs), I am specialized in database marketing and E-business. During my spare time, I sing in a choir and on Sunday mornings I like to ride my mountain bike or go for a jog. In the summer I like to go to the Pyrenees, where I have worked as a tourist guide for many years. Furthermore, I enjoy city trips to Valencia, Berlin of Paris.

Haske Megens

Lecturer Online Marketing / E-business, supervisor for YTP@Work and MIYO-Deals. My passion for travel has brought me all over the world, but there’s still plenty on my to-do-list. Thanks to MIYO-Deals I have managed to expand my travel gadgets collection with all sorts of travel.

Danny Linssen

After various commercial management positions at small and large international tourism companies, education appealed a lot to me. I have been working at NHTV as a teacher for more than 10 years now. My focus is on the use of (social) media and the digitalization of the travel industry. Creating experiences and selling them. After doing a Master in Media Innovation I now also work on business development, research and innovation at our Academy for Digital Entertainment where I am mostly busy with setting up projects in the field of Virtual Reality and Gaming. This nice combination allows me to bring research, education and business togetheras a supervisor at YTP@Work. I like to have a drink with friends, visit a city, try new things and I love tennis, running and skiing.

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